Monday, November 5, 2007

Nov. 6, 2007

I was Sunday to Greenwich (New York University).

Before, I was Train "V", all of New York Time (Sunday) article Art " Boldly,where no dog Had gone before", picture. shocking, person and dog ( twins Live dog and article).

I was walking to New York University and park. Look to bar see "Mr. Big" or Chris Noth.

I was the watch to Meet Up and earlier. Kate, your father, Kevin and eusebio. Issues and we Medicare.

next, I was mission . I was bad cappuccino. I was happy to word, " Astoria". Like, "taste".
I want it , taste to ward, verb, nouns and etc.

I was later in house. I was running, 11PM, suppose, "taste, I want it". I love cold. I was time , Best High School, I hot and humidity, I was computer and A/C. I love cool and cold. heavenly.
running and ....
IPod: oasis - Fuckin' In The Bushes

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